L.A. WATER, acronym for LOS ANGELES WATER is a new brand created from the intuition of its founders: creatives, show business people and experts, all sharing the same passion for fashion. 


The long research, the elaboration of the main trends, the careful study of exclusive graphics and the use of the most performing materials have given rise to a collection of jewel slippers for the summer and rubber Texans with a strong identity for the winter season.

Colors, exclusive prints, patterns and charms determine the stylistic feature of this new brand dedicated to all women who love to stand out without ever renouncing elegance.


A timeless and boundless accessory, L.A. WATER is able to transport us to beautiful beaches and cities around the world. From the boat to the swimming pool, from the evening cocktails to the long cruise, from the working day to going out with friends, L.A. WATER makes the outfit perfect all year round, in the hot summer sun and under long autumn rains.


L.A. WATER  is your sea in the city. That's why the Los Angeles water drain, synthesis of metropolis, road and ocean has become the perfect symbol of the brand.


The L.A. collections are produced and distributed by the Smart Trade, a historic Italian company specializing in beach accessories. WATER are distributed in the best shops and concept stores of the main Italian and foreign cities.